Rapid Transit
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another tasty latter day Wimp anthem
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May 11, 2006
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Curt Homan/Ron Arant
Story behind the song
Matt: Like "she's got what I want," this one started with a special effect by stunt guitarist, Ron Arant. I really like this one. Wimps got quite far out and experimental with "Burn the Dome" and one final song that nobody remembers. I'm the only one that remembers burn the dome. it's a shame, it was built around a bass riff of mine. Ron did some genius stuff with it. Ron: Recorded in January 1984 at Mudwest, which was nothing more than a cheap ($175/month) one bedroom duplex out on Mud Bay Drive; about a mile past Cooper Point Road in Olympia.
we need mass transit i'm stuck in transit again groan. poor me. boo hoo.