She's Got What I Want
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Here's something that has never been tried before; a guy attempts to get into a girls pants by flattering her intellect
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May 11, 2006
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Curt Homan
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Matt: The most musically interesting of the surviving Wimps songs. It was included on K's "Lets Together" cassette compilation, and I covered it a few times in later bands Ron: recorded at The Evergreen State College in Studio B by Bryan Learned (bass player for the Young Pioneers) on 12/07/1983. When I had all my amp/guitar settings rigged for the start of "big brains" (She's Got What I Want), Bryan chimed in over the headphones with "uh, Ron, I think you better check your settings..." - he hadn't heard the song, since we'd maybe only played it live twice before the session.
She pretty damn smart she knows math and a whole buncha other junk she can spell real good and oh yeah she has a way with rocket science Chorus: she's got big brains O lawdy mama she's got big brains good god almighty Shake those big brains funky mama somethin like that.