O Come Thee Down (3 Versions)
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Arrangements of a womens 4 part chorale, given as raw vocal stems, in three brief vignettes: 1. Ancient 2. Early Renaissance 3. Piano Jazz / Lyrics & Melody: jacindae / Vocals: jacindae, snowflake, SackJo22 (ccmixter.org)
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September 07, 2010
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jacindae, boomaga © CC by-nc 3.0
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O Come Thee Down and lay thy hand upon thy heart And say why it should be that you only see currency in art. O Come Thee Down and share our table and believe, the truth is plain to see: our declaration is only to be free. And you see nothing but your heart is in the right place. I do not wish to deprive you of this legacy you’ve made. O lower the banner, descend amongst chaotic sound. Ten thousand voices singing, O Come Thee, Come Thee, Come Thee Down. (words by jacinda espinosa)