Histoire de Rien
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A downtempo chill track, brushkit drums, wurly piano, strings - a lonesome feeling. Vocal (in French) by barbarella.
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June 04, 2008
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4:39 minutes
D. Perkins / Ani Casals © licensed under Creative Commons Attr. Noncomm 3.0
Story behind the song
I was picturing this young woman in a dreamy melancholy, at her window high up in a tall building, watching the lights reflecting off rainslick streets far below, listening to traffic noises distant and echoing while rain pelts the windowsill. I was attracted to barbarella?s delicate breathy voice, and I tried to keep the very up-close intimate feel in the mix, doing just a bit of vocal tuning and retiming. I started with the acapella without having listened to ditto ditto?s original mix at all. It?s more fun that way because I?m not tied to pre-conceived ideas of how the song should sound. Sung by barbarella, lyrics by Ani Casals, original song music (not used) by ditto ditto.
Histoire de Rien (Lyrics by Ani Casals) J’ai mange mon 4 heure Sur le coin du frigo Il m’restait des p’tits beurres Et deux ou trois megots J’ai pris les allumettes Pour jouer avec le feu Mais quand j’ai vu ma tete J’ai du fermer les yeux (Chorus) Et puis apres ? Ben apres rien Et puis apres ? Ben apres rien Allumer la tele J’y ai pense aussi Y’avait qu’a appuyer Sur le gros bouton gris J’ai lave mon maillot J’ai maquille mes yeux C’est pas des vrais sanglots Mais j’ai pleure un peu (Chorus ) Avoir envie c’est quoi ? C’est sentir a chaque heure Que t’es parti sans moi En m’laissant les p’tits beurres Chorus ad lib