I Don't Wanna Be Your Friend No More
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Dylan and the Dead Basement Tapes style jam song - recorded with one microphone in the middle of the room - a breakup story
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March 29, 2006
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Took a roadtrip to the beach Horizon's always just out of reach Took a billion years to get to shore Found a place and settled down Chased them seagulls out of town This summer fun is a crushing bore If I swim with you will you behave ? You'd rock our boat just to make some wave You get real thirsty I'll drive to the store Hell I don't wanna be yo friend no more All this sunshine is killin me Your shadow and the water is zero degrees Pretend to sleep so we don't talk no more You put too much faith in them magazines Gossip columns and rockstar dreams Wantin everything you can't afford Yeah, I'm not so simple or naive As your horoscope might have you believe But I can tell you what's in store Baby I won't be your friend no more, no You're a grand old dame of 21 Old as rocks, bright as the sun And a choir of angels sing you thru the door There's two too many voices in my head One says "Run" and the other one says "One and one and one and one be four" Yo, I can't be your friend no more I'm wakin' up from a fever dream You're next to me in a blanket of steam And I don't know what you're yelling for It's been a fine day, thank god it's done You're blue in the face and I'm brown from the sun And I tell you to your face at the driver's side door That I cain't be your friend no more