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A strong Radiohead influence, with breakbeats in the middle. Recorded at home. Chicks like it.
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March 29, 2006
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D. Perkins © 2004 D. Perkins
Story behind the song
a girl named Sarah
We left a crowded station Into the longest night of the year I don't make good conversation I'm just happy to be here Jump in the car, hit the interstate The air is all alive Take a deep breath and concentrate I can barely see to drive All starry eyed You can follow me to my house Down a forgetful hallway Now I'm trying to read your lips But the lights get in my way I'm all starry eyed All starry eyed I can see you anytime that I want to You're right behind my eyes It's late, and you got things to do Can't believe it's almost sunrise You got to go take care of some money I got to go take care of my eyes I'm still starry eyed