Water Springs
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February 18, 2010
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e. gasal / e.gasal © e. gasal
Story behind the song
Music Club "Angie" has burned down during the war 1992. It was actually my born house.
I look at sea chained with chains of eternity I long to feel the smell of southern winds. I look at sea while dreaming about mountains I start to sing a sad song when I remember it?s face. I sing this song as gift to you my God. Is it possible to forget about this war anyhow? Is tomorrow coming my very last day of my life At the end of my road I got only one wish left, One wish left: Dear God, open the sky and take this soul right away. Bring it together with her soul to the Hell or the Paradise. Please, give me only one day more, To see the place where I was born. I dream often about same place, ashes and the dust The black devil bearing a torch awakes a fear in my heart There are two water spring beside the burn up, A rising hand from the ashes is trying to give me something But I don?t see it and look aside.