Motherless Child
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Sometimes when you share a child with someone it can be quite hard. I wrote this so one day my child would understand.....
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November 20, 2008
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Story behind the song
Lets just say that break ups, divorce, etc. well... it's simply just very hard, especially when a child is invoved...especially a young one who does not really understand. I wrote this so someday he would understand, and to let him know how much I love him and that I will always be around......It is a very personal song...probably the most personal I have ever written and sometimes really hard to get through at a live show, etc. but it had to be written... I had to get it out there.
So I was young, and I was stupid. Thought it was fate, or maybe cupid. But it wasn't love, at least not for me. So I've been banned and excicuted. What can I say? They're better suited....if he had stayed, you'd be so sad, we all would be..... But I'll always be there when you call, even when he has my back to the wall, yeah you'll never be a Motherless Child. You grew inside. At once I knew you. Don't think that I, can't see right through you. I know you're scared, and so am I, in my own way. And just because he's not my lover, it doesn't mean, I'm not your Mother, I'll always be, no matter what they say..... Yeah they can punish me I don't care, just as long as you know I am there, yeah you'll never be a Motherless Child. They can try to take you away. But my darling I am here to stay, and I know, that you know, it's true. So there will be times that I might scold you, but after that, well I'll just want to hold you, and tell you everything will be alright. So we'll look back, and tell the story, of all the bad, and all the glory, but don't you doubt, soon I'll be kissing you goodnight.... But I'll never understand, how a man could call himself a Man, to keep my baby, my only son, my truest love, my only one, yeah you'll never be a Motherless Child.