Ricky And Lucy Are Getting It On
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October 29, 2010
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Matt Love / Saleem Obama / Brad Bittinger
Desi and Lucy are gettin it on in a hot foursome with Ethel and Fred It's an Amazing Trick you Dont wanna Miss!! When there's a redhead in the bed If a Hot couple crazy to Make Love Is what it takes to turn your crank Then a double duo ought to twice as good A pride of tigers in the tank Lucy's so jealous Crazy For Her GUY She'll follow him around, and on him she'll spy She'll work in a chocolate factory or stomp grapes in italy Sexy Gorgeous Lucy Models on Ramp Exposing !! Naughty Sexy Wife Driving Her Hubby Crazy in Bed without any clothing Hot Naughty Babe Caught Nude In Bathroom Naughty Lucy Bathing & Seducing Mr. Babaloo at the unknown soldier's tomb Wet Lucy Shaking Boobs is Extremely hot Naughty Hot Lucy is Undressing Desi mostly is not Naughty Wet Lucy Seduces Her Guy in Dance Floor Desi beats his conga, is beggin her for more