Pervert in a Turtleneck
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October 29, 2010
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Matt Love / Saleem Obama / Brad Bittinger
Gimme Hot Mature Women Exposing Huge Boobs Or college chicks in teeshirts, just hand me some lube and the hot fashion model named Heidi Klum makes me go schwing when she enters the room Sexy Hot Babes Posing on the Beach The other boys are crying cause they're out of reach But not for me, hey, what the heck Cause I'm a pervert in a Turtleneck Chorus Pervert in a turtleneck at least I was last time i checked I listen to Ben Lee and Beck while I beat off in my turtleneck I'm going to Jarrasic Park to have some Sex Riding on the back of a cheerful t-rex In Hollywood and Bollywood, what do I see? Glamourous babes in a picture gallery When I was out at me favorite bar The singer's big boobs popped out From Her bra The naughty girl Stripped and showed me her clAss I stood there in my turtleneck just spanking her ass Chorus