My Naughty Neighbor Jessica
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October 29, 2010
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Matt Love / Saleem Obama / Brad Bittinger
Story behind the song
A story of great longing and lust.
My Naughty neighbor Jessica Was washing her new car in the driveway there beside her house Listening to Big Star On her boombox playing loud the girl has perfect taste Too bad she's married to that jerk He's such a total waste Chorus: And that's the way it's been down through the years She's taunting me each time that she comes near I don't know how much more of this I'll take before my twisted little heart will break when she rinsed that Mustang down The water soaked her shirt You could see right through in spots I stared until it hurt Out the upstairs bath window The view is pretty good and if this creeps you out a bit Probably it should Chorus In high school she went to the games and cheered those no-neck creeps She'd prance and throw her pom poms high She'd do the splits and leap. It poked me in my troubled mind The way she danced so free Her skirt flew up, her panties showed For everyone to see. Chorus