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I saw the headline today
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October 26, 2008
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Quin © Quin
Headline ©Nigel Quin 2008 I read the headline today It said you'd died and gone away I knew it wasn't true But the feeling still came through My mind is playing tricks but it’s so real And now I know what you mean to me And day by day it’s no big deal ‘cause in the end we’ll all be free There will be headlines for you But probably not for me too You will have seen things that I’ll never see And you’ve done things that I’ll never do But we’ll play on the other side Boarding as one with no fear for the ride Circling and swinging and taking the slide Hoping to never come down Oh what a comical pair Enjoying the fun of the fair There will be music, we get to choose it With all of our instruments there As we play you can listen for free Your gift to the world is what you will see Sharing a feeling you never could know And all that you gave to me I read the headline today It said you'd died and gone away Although I knew it was not true All the feeling still came through