Feel Like Getting Close 2 U
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February 26, 2007
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W. Jackson/Mas © Phat Guy Productions, 2006, all rights reserved.
Story behind the song
Here's a song I wrote when I was still in college. I must say, lyrics-wise, I'm not quite there any more. But it is one of my first songs and I am really happy to have a chance to finalize it in a way that I wouldn't have been able to do by myself. The song has a very simple structure musically, based on only 3 chords. Oodon made sure the song evolves toward the end, so there's more fun as the song progresses. On the hook there's background vocal work mechanically enhanced from my own voice and Oodon's. The very first version was recorded with my best friend Warren's rap. He also wrote the lyrics for this song. Oodon had the idea to transform the rap into singing melodies, which turned out to be a brilliant idea!
Feel Like Getting Close 2 U Lyrics:Warren Jackson/Music:Mas Produced by Oodon for Phat Guy Productions Girl I saw you standing there so sexy Just full and firm you are so fine You were dancing moving damn you mesmerize me Tuff thru and thru you blow my mind Left my house with bold intentions Pointed my car in the club's direction Feeling good yo I'm dressed to a tee Stepped inside and the house was pumpin' Bodies all around the place was jumpin' Case the place to see what I could find (Hook:) I feel like getting Close 2 U girl can't you see That my love should bring us together I feel like making love to you we should agree To show our feelings for one another Feelings of desire run right thru me And now it's time to bust my line Wanna get real close just like a hand and glove now Romance you till the end of time Spoke some words we were in agreement Let you know that I'm not content Unless I spend the night with you Left the club with bold intentions Pointed my ride in the crib's direction 'bout time you and me should get down (Hook repeat X2) I want love and desire to fill the air Jus' come saddle up and you'll get your share What I have in store 4 U is a night of love And like my mom said before we'll fit like a hand and glove Passion, moanin' your body I'm roamin' You'll never get enuff of this thing I'm holdin' Waterfalls and explosion in our world of two All I want is to get Close 2 U (Hook repeat X2) I feel like getting close 2 u girl Can't you see you and me should be together... I feel like getting close 2 u We should agree to show our feelings for one another Close 2 u, close 2 u baby Feel like getting close 2 u honey Come on over I'll take good care of you I feel like getting Close 2 U girl can't you see