Green Beer
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A tribute to our favorite St. Patty's beverage!
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February 16, 2009
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Story behind the song
I came up with this riff about 20 years ago. I finally decided on the perfect use for it.
It's that time that we look forward to this day once every year.. After a day of driving out the infernal serpents, it's time to drink green beer We raise our glass to St. Patrick, the Saint of the Emerald Isle and embibe this day a seasonal beverage that gaurantees a smile With corned beef and cabbage, liver and onions or even Spam.. There's only one beverage that men drink today throughout the land The legend tells of a Leprechaun who would tempt men with his gold then swap the treasure for a green brew -- for the story is told Leprechauns are known for inventing the now popular drink, for you see it's brewed in the land of faeries and it's made with Leprechaun pee!