Fade To Grey
How quickly life passes
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June 24, 2019
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Herb Hartley & David Snyder © 2019
Well she walked through the door on a friday night Feeling so good, and looking so right I've seldom seen a girl like that, man she's such a sight She's holding on to something, that's been a long time gone Trying now to capture it from the magic of a song There's a lot of years and a lot of tears passed under that old bridge There's a boy she knew, from another time, Back on Lost love ridge The clock, turns so slowly, but the years flew by so fast Trying to find someone to love, but it never seemed to last Fade to Grey, Easy to say Same thing tomorrow, just like yesterday It's only life and it just gets in the way You live and learn, the world just turns then it slowly fades to grey solo Write just one more line, about lost time As you watch the setting sun This crazy life keeps rolling on, with so much left undone Reaching out for someone who was there for you before But your hand still comes up empty as you close and lock that door