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Dust On The Floor
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A song about the demise of small towns
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January 09, 2015
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Writer (words/music)
Herb Hartley
Story behind the song
Observations from life
Down on the corner of Chestnut and Main A vacant old store front is all that remains There's tape on the windows and an old weathered sign The shoppers are gone now... empty shelves left behind The old men played checkers in the park by the tree Shade that is gone now, for all eternity A padlock is rusting as it hangs on the door Sunlight casting shadows, that glide across the floor. The small towns are dying, No one shops here anymore Grass growing in the sidewalk, that leads past the door Paint, cracked and peeling ...and there's two things for sure Ghosts haunt the shadows, and there's dust on the floor A new shiny big box in the town up the road Is selling those flat screens, by the semi-truck load Mom & Pop Johnson, just couldn't compete So they padlocked the front door and turned in the keys.