Walking Wounded
This is the title track for the CD Walking Wounded. It speaks about the unconscious condition we are born into as we receive all sorts of wounds to the spirit that screw us up and prepares us for redemption.
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November 21, 2005
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Jennifer A. Evans © Jennifer A. Evans
Story behind the song
I was motivated to write this song after I hooked up with a musician who tried to help me with another song. It turns out, the musician was an arranger/producer and I didn't know what that truly meant to me until I got mad when my song morphed into something else (close, but no cigar). I eventually forgave myself and others and got on down the road. So this song is about the wounds we take that make us stronger or make us really angry sending us into a state of futility or imprisonment or war... I hope to choose Christ. Forgiveness is the answer.
It's an old story sin entered the world by one man sin entered the world and by one man life is given again You'll find out it was all true when every knee bows and every tongue confess This journey we're all walking on (we're walking) why we all feel so alone on our way to the center of our soul walking wounded walking wounded Blood runs long and cold (the grave never ends) this old war has raged so long men and women in fox holes walking wounded walking wounded We're walking wounded We're walking wounded Take somebody's hand reach across the way by His stripes we are healed to move on another day (Thank You Lord Jesus) Where there is no confession there is no remission repent, repent, repent, repent repent, repent, repent, repent My life is a direct result of every choice I ever made and in the end God was right (God get's the glory) So every sinner man should turn and face the light get on his knees and pray We're walking wounded (We're walking wounded) We're walking wounded (We're walking wounded)