Melvin's Song
Narrative about a family dealing with a brother's drug addiction and incarceration.
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November 21, 2005
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Jennifer A. Evans © Jennifer A. Evans
Story behind the song
My brother writes our family only when he has been locked up. His letter this time said he would be serving 17 years. I gave him over to the Lord and then wrote a song about it with the hopes of being able to do something positive for his three daughters and one son by three different women.
Melvin's locked up again This time He'll do 17 in the pen And now's the time we'll hear from him again and again and again and again and again I'd a thought the crack would do 'em in Rehabilitation sho' ain't been working Addiction and her cousin or is it her twin dependent making room in the basement of his sin Build more prisons and the postal system gets its 37 cents All because Melvin's locked up again Doing 17 this time in the pen A hard lesson to learn for this oldest child And now The time has come when Running wild might turn him back to pentecost It might humble him low Salvation's cost Salvation's cost Melvin's locked up again 17 hard in the pen Melvin's locked up again Melvin's locked up again He says he might kill himself if we don't put money on his shelf He says we all owe him such and such but that don't move our hearts that much But Melvin's never gave a damn Awww Shucks Melvin's only game is Melvin's bad luck We praying for our son and brother We're praying hard to the Father The leech she has two daughters Give and Give And Melvin's mind's on how Melvin will live Melvin's locked up He's locked up again He's doing 17 in the pen And now the time has come we'll hear from him again he's writ-ing Again and again and again and again and again