Never Be a Country Singer
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Title pretty much says it all ...
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December 18, 2007
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Steve Perry
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Out walking the dogs and this came to me, all of a piece. Probably burn in hell for blasphemy ...
I. I woulda been a country singer, but I knew that I would fail/ My womanÕs never left me, and I never been in jail/ I grew up in the surburbs, our plumbing was indoors/ I graduated high school, and I never ran with whores. Chorus: I donÕt have the wherewithal to sing this country song/ I could lie about my misery but thatÕd be purely wrong/ I donÕt own no cowboy boots, no rolled-brim Stetson hat/ IÕll never be Kenney Chesney, and IÕm okay with that. II. I donÕt like bourbon whiskey, IÕd rather drink white wine/ My SUV is running good and my dogs are feelinÕ fine/ My kids they grew up normal, except for a few tattoos/ And I donÕt go out gamblinÕ, Ôcause I got too much to lose. III. When life handed me a lemon, well, I made lemonade/ My house it ainÕt a trailer, my taxes are all paid/ MamaÕs still with Daddy, moreÕn sixty years last fall/ I wonÕt sing with Dolly Parton, yÕknow, but I canÕt gripe at all.