Methamphetamine Mama
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I wanted to try something hymn-like ...
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November 30, 2007
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Steve Perry © Steve Perry
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Reading Johnny Cash's autobiography, I was struck by all the problems he had with drugs, and I know crank is a big problem, so ...
G (start in 5th position, D-shape, go up the neck to C) G D Em C Methamphetamine Mama, wonÕt you climb down off the wall? G D C G Your heart is workinÕ overtime, your mind ainÕt workinÕ at all. YouÕre halfway along the road to Hell, youÕre rollinÕ like a tank Oh, Methamphetamine Mama, you gotta stop shootinÕ up that crank. Methamphetamine Mama, wonÕt you lay that needle down? Your man and kids have gone away, theyÕre no where to be found YouÕre cookinÕ in your own juice, youÕre burninÕ out your brain YouÕre crawlinÕ down the highway of misery and pain. Bridge: (G+D, D+G, C+D, G+D) You fly like an eagle but you drop like a brick Your mouth is laughing loudly, but your body is sick YouÕre the life of the party, but all your friends have gone The musicÕs long stopped playinÕ but you keep dancinÕ on. Methamphetamine Mama, wonÕt you come away with me? Methamphetamine Mama, wonÕt you please hear my plea? YouÕre runninÕ out of options, girl, you know itÕs true Oh, Methamphetamine Mama, wonÕt you let me save you? Repeat the first verse (a cappella.)