RĂªverie-To Life (Thomas Hardy)
Introductory flute and guitar piece plus choral setting of Hardy poem.
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December 03, 2007
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Edward Gold © 2007
Story behind the song
both pieces are from the Delian Suite No. 3 (2007). This version is from the Harmony Assistant-Virtual Singer files. To hear the "live" versions go to the Delian Suite pages. .
O life with the sad seared face, I weary of seeing thee, And thy draggled cloak, and thy hobbling pace, And thy too-forced pleasantry! I know what thou would'st tell Of Death, Time, Destiny - I have known it long, and know, too, well What it all means for me. But canst thou not array Thyself in rare disguise, And feign like truth, for one mad day, That Earth is Paradise? I'll tune me to the mood, And mumm with thee till eve; And maybe what as interlude I feign, I shall believe!