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This is the newest version of my song "Once Again" which is done with the solo string samples of the Vienna Symphonic Library through Apple Logic 9. The singer is Andrew Marvel.
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May 30, 2012
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Maycol Posso Giraldo, Edward Gold © 2009
Story behind the song
This was written in 2009 by a young Colombian poet and set by me shortly after. Both music and lyrics are under copyright and neither should be copied or reproduced without permission.
("Y de nuevo al lugar a fingir y a sonar con quien no esta”) Anhelase entonces cual si fuese un mendigo a las afueras de tu puerta cual misera muestra de ternura y compasion; no obstante sin olvidar cada gesto, cada palabra, cada mirada que podria robar en el preciso instante en que abrias tu corazon y me llenabas de motivos cada segundo para no dejar de hacerlo. Y una vez tomando mi aliento desde lo mas profundo de mi ser, deje que una maja ave aun mayor que mis vivencias se aposentase alli; Quizas entonces inmutada personalidad con un ser que llena los vacios que nunca antes algun otro individuo pudiese llenar en un pasado. ¡Oh Dios! Cuantas paginas no llenaria para repetir una y mil veces que la emocion es inmensa en cada letra que he puesto en este escrito evocaria por siempre la felicidad de un corazon hambriento con ganas de amar. **************************** ONCE AGAIN (Once again to the feigning place to dream of the one who is not here.) Inhale then as if a beggar outside your door whose misery shows tenderness and compassion; constantly without forgetting each gesture, each word, each look that could rob the precise instant which you would open your heart and would fill me each second with motives to not stop doing it. And once you have taken my breath from the most profound place of my being. I left a magical bird, older than the life I've lived, rest there. Maybe then, immutable personality with a being that fills the voids that never before anybody in the past has been able to fill. Oh God, how many pages wouldn't I fill to repeat one and one thousand times the intense emotion in each letter that I have written would evoke forever the happiness to a famished heart with a need to love.