Good Time in Texas
Whimsical song with harp and fiddle
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October 20, 2005
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Steve Ulrich © Steve Ulrich
Story behind the song
A little story- This was one of the last projects that Champ Hood played fiddle on; what a fine person and great legacy he has left. Brian had Jason Richards play "drunk guitar" on the lead. Those two along Elaine Barber on harp give this song a real kind of Texas feel. *Champ Hood was one of those guys who played on hundreds of recordings and I was really fortunate to have him play on mine.
I write my letters put 'um in the mail I smoke my pot up hope I don't go to jail. I sit up in my room nearly every night Playin' on my guitar burning out the light. Chorus I'm having a good time in Texas I wouldn't miss it for a ball Having a good time in Texas Good times, bad times and all. I pick odd jobs up lay them down again Scrape by for a living anyway I can I don't mind the cold north wind or the holes in my shoes I don't mind a thing I ain't got no blues chorus I go down to Barton's spring into the pool Laze away in the sunshine grinin' like a fool You don't hear no cryin' you just hear a song I'm having a good time you can come along chorus