Your Life
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three different time signatures: 13/8, 12/8 and 11/8. no change of key, no unneccessary effects or guitar solos.
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October 03, 2006
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Phil E. Oberheinrich © Phil E. Oberheinrich
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i am your life i am your motivation, the only reason for your smiles i chase the pain away, i wrap you up in bliss i am your true love, i am your best friend i am the beginning, i'll be the end i am your life without me you are nothing but tears and screams without me you feel nothing but pain and fear i am the sparkle in your cloudy eye i am the sun in your cloudy sky i'll hold you, protect you i'll be there forever i am the food for your soul, i'm what you live for i am your poverty, i am your leprosy every time i edge further away it's never going to be like it was on that holy day so take me, consume me all of me, i'm your death i am your death