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it's about pie
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March 31, 2007
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Phil E. Oberheinrich © Phil E. Oberheinrich
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was bored, wrote stuff about pie
fucking work you stupid brain all night long i try in vain to focus on a fucking thought but i guess i'm too insane think of a line why bother just write what comes noone will know this is getting ridiculous doesn't even rhyme anymore i'll just add the word fabulous there's a rhyme, fucking score i want some pie i'm hungry give me some pie before i die i'm so hungry might as well eat my brain, doesn't work anyway if nobody gives me pie somebody is going to die i will amputate their balls with a rusty spoon then i'll take off all my clothes "nothing fucking rhymes with clothes" then i'll run and jump and dance in the light of the full moon give me some pie or i'll poke out your eye give me some pie fucking pie bef