Finger For Satan
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Real Heavy Metal, second part of Lord Of Flies
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March 31, 2007
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5:11 minutes
Oberheinrich, Maas-Palmer, Lancastle, Arnold © Tambora
Story behind the song
The lyrics are about the uncertainty of the future. The chorus riff and the passage between the chorus and the verse were written by Jules, the other riffs are Phil's. When recording we hadn't established a bassline for the mellow introduction into the instrumental part. It's improvised.
I was rooted to the ground as he looked me in the eye The dark lord stood before me blackening the sky He whispered softly in my ear of things that should not be He showed me things that I would never want to see again And he took my trembling hand And he looked me in the face Showed me how they cried, showed me how they died And showed me that there'd be no winner in the human race (haha, pun!!!) I was frozen solid as he showed me what's to come It wasn't beautiful at all All the leaders of the world were held responsible for the fall of humankind And were stood against a wall and shot And a tear rolled down my face As I saw this mass disgrace And I spoke a pointless prayer To a god that wasn't there With a smile I turned away, a thought had come to me How could I ever be so dumb How can the future stay the same after all he'd said to me? So I changed the future, 'cos I knew what was to come And he stood in front of me And I saw that it was me And I asked me what I'd seen I said "I saw what could have been" I am the voices in your head I am the ghost under your bed I am the truth I am the lies I'm you The lord of flies