99 Time
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June 05, 2003
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Damian J. Spooner © 2001
Story behind the song
about war - this was written prior to 9/11 - just something that happens over and over... btw - I'm not for or against war - sometimes things just have to be dealt with... I just wanted to share this song, as unfinished as it may be.
Send our boys to war again, Hope it's a war that one day will end, I'm sad my friends, 'cause they're sending our boys to war again, Must be 99 time, Must be that 99 time... And we've already got casualties, Please don't war baby don't want you to die for me, I don't, don't want you to die for me, Don't, please baby don't you bleed for me, Just little boys, Barely done with playing with their toys, Their flesh and blood, Splattered everywhere, 'cause the President he sometimes doesn't care? Say's it's for the good of humanity, I hope it is, I hope it is, I... I HOPE I AGREE, We've already had our casualties, Already had our casualties...