can't take away
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Edgy guitar and bass driven pop
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September 20, 2005
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2:53 minutes
Darkstar © 2005
Story behind the song
When someone leaves your life unexpectantly. And yet wishes to return just for the plunder.....
words and music darkstar late last night i felt your pain as you drift away. Oh what a long day. i know it’s been hard, you won’t get no pity from me. early in the mornin’ as you rise you plot your game. oh what a fine game. it’s not that hard. finding no sympathy from me. can’t take away, she can’t take away, can’t take away, she can’t take away from me (repeat). face to face, it’s not your place. As you fly away, due back on tuesday. you make it so hard you get no tears from me. thinking back this is your style as you run away with nothing to say. you make things so hard, now just let me be.... can’t take away, she can’t take away from me (repeat).