The road to Antibes
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November 20, 2010
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No'am Newman © No'am Newman
Story behind the song
In 1972, I had the idea of creating a band whose musical direction would be similar to that of Cadence & Cascade, along with Sandy Denny's "Who knows where the time goes" and "The sea" - lots of open guitar chords along with a sunny flute (true, there's no flute on the Sandy songs, but the guitar obbligatos could easily be transformed to warbling on the flute). The group would be called Antibes - because of the jazz festival held in the city on the French riviera (Cote d'Azur). It seemed the perfect sunny name for the sunny music that I had in mind. The idea never reached fruition primarily because I didn't know anyone who played the flute! Somehow a female violinist was suggested, and I remember that one rehearsal was held with the violinist and a bassist (and me on acoustic guitar), playing my song "Sunday Rain", but nothing else came of this. I know that I wrote 'The road to Antibes' so that the group would have some material, but looking back on it now, RTTA was not really the right kind of song.