A moment's hesitation
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A jilted lover tells his girlfriend where to get off.
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January 31, 2011
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No'am Newman © No'am Newman
Story behind the song
The lyrics were inspired the film 'Did you hear about the Morgans' - a bad film, but an inspiration no less.
A moment’s hesitation left you weak Now our relation’s future seems so bleak You say you want me back You claim that you have changed You whisper words you think will make me relent You try to make me think that you will repent Disappointment leaks from every cell Forgiving isn’t something that I do well You’ve let me down before You’d let me down again I can’t place any trust in you at all I ask you not to come and knock on my door The world is white outside but grey within Love's died inside, now new life can begin Quieter, perhaps Less trusting and on guard But new growth will bear flowers in the spring I’ll start anew by joyously living