Amo a Noite
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Our #1 Hit in Portugal. This song took us places, international gigs, more than 20 TV shows, platinum award, compilation CDs... you know, the works. Not our best song, but radio loved it.
Peak: #288   (325,444 songs currently in Electronic)
Peak in sub-genre: #5   (2,424 songs currently in Euro)
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August 27, 2005
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Story behind the song
This was originally sung in english but never saw the light of day that way. During a lunch time, back in 1996, i was stuck in the studio with the lyrics to this. I knew we had a great bass line and the song was gaining shape, but the words didn't fit. Than, stupid idea occurred: "why not in my own language?" (portuguese). There. It works. It was meant to be «I believe the night» and ended up as «Amo a Noite» (I love the night). It feels stronger, no? And i still believe it has a killer bassline. The sound is a bit on the strange side, though, but the label damaged (ruined) our original master tape. And, again, all this is analog recording, MIDI programming, analog sythesizers, no loops, no samples... check our website for full tech details if you're interested.