David Nye: Prayers
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A stirring song of thanks dedicated to close friends
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October 04, 2004
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Story behind the song
This song is dedicated to a group of friends who prayed for me after my heart attack on October 6, 2003. I have been playing guitar most of my life, making the transition from 60’s rock and roll to jazz to bluegrass and folk rock. I have always been a fingerstyle player. I discovered Slack Key many years ago, but it wasn’t until Christmas of 2000 when I got Keola Beamer’s video that I got the bug. It’s what I’d been looking for as a personal style and expression. I attended the 2001 Aloha Music Camp and haven’t looked back. I have been to all of them, plus as many workshops and Kani Ka Pila as I can attend. Tuning: Old Moanaloa-Ni`ihau (CGCGAD)