He Throws Rocks At Cars
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July 07, 2005
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just drive me over over where over is colder over where time ticks slower over that little boy's shoulder ooh and i keep driving spit in the face by sickness it's uncomfortably funny but laughing is only a defense and ooh i keep driving this stick shift is not what it used to be as long as this stays between you and me i might just get off here no more turns anywhere just road to drive on and a broken line means that i can pass but there's no one slow enough tonight there's no one in sight and far in the distance it looks like the sun is coming up but how can that star be seen when it's only quarter past three? the walls are coming closer and screams are getting louder louder than i remember louder since last september ooh has freud forgotten? some wear their scars like medals not projecting onto a movie what should i do with sickness? and ooh have i forgotten that when i heal i heal with history? and as long as this stays between you and me can i just get off here? no more turns anywhere...