Don't Look At Me
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Based on the message of John the Baptist, who pointed attention away from himself and onto Jesus.
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November 09, 2006
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Mark Heath © Mark Heath
Story behind the song
Motivated by reading the gospel accounts of the life of John the Baptist, with some helpful insights from Bruce Milne's commentary on John.
Don't look at me, there's nothing to see I'm just a voice in the wilderness, crying "Get yourself ready" Don't stick with me, I've got nothing more to say I'm just a friend of the bridegroom – it's not my wedding day Don't trust in me, but listen to God's word I saw a dove descend from heaven, and this is what I heard "This is my Son, my beloved One" Listen to him, listen to him This is the One, God's Anointed One, Come follow him, come follow him Come and repent, and be baptised with fire Don't be content drinking water, when you could be drinking wine Come to the light, come and see his glory Don't miss the most important person, in the whole of history Come and believe, grasp the promise of new life This is the one the prophets spoke about; he’s right before your eyes This is the Lamb, taking the sin of man Have faith in him, have faith in him This is the Word, creator of the world Come worship him, come worship him The mission of my life's complete: I've seen and testified Now my ministry can fade away But let him be glorified