See My Face No More
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This slow ballad describes Paul's farewell to the Ephesian elders in Acts 20. Although it is an emotional time, Paul knows that he is doing the will of God and will not be disuaded despite the prospect of times of opposition.
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March 25, 2006
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Ali McLachlan © Mark Heath, Ali McLachlan
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Vocals - Ali McLachlan Instruments - Mark Heath
I’ll be gone on the rising tide with the gale at my back Compelled by the will of God to walk a certain track. Solemn prayers in the salted air, then part from the shore. Tears shed and a farewell said, “You’ll see my face no more”. Don’t break my heart, Though it may be hard. Let me play my part. Don’t keep me from the will of God. Come loosen your chords of love that bind me here with you. There’s time to run and a time to hide, a time to follow through. Rough or smooth, I never get to choose, I’m happy just to serve. That he leads me in his will is far more than I deserve. There are times of opposition Hardships down the road I tread But doubts and fears leave me no options God’s way is the way ahead I’m back in the old town now with the music to be faced. If my vow is sealed anywhere, I’m sure this will be the place. Wreck the peace with a chance to preach the gospel to the Jews. Inner pain and a Roman chain, but with a life still left to lose.