Brighter than the sun
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Another forceful blues rock song based on Paul's conversion experience where he was blinded by the light of God's glory. Song written and sung by Ali McLachlan, all instruments by me.
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February 16, 2003
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Ali McLachlan © Mark Heath, Ali McLachlan
Story behind the song
Vocals are by my friend Ali McLachlan, and I recorded the other parts.
I was breathing out murder, I was seething with rage. I was plotting disaster for the ones in the Way. I was stunned by the brightness and by what I’d become. I was cornered by greatness with nowhere to run, But I saw your glory and it’s brighter than the sun. I encountered a man who had rose from the dead. He left my religion all tattered in shreds. My world was destroyed, a new life had begun. And I put my faith in Christ Jesus the Son. Cause I saw his glory, and it’s brighter than the sun. I waited to hear you, and the visions they came Of suffering glory and preaching his name. I will follow You Jesus till your will be done. I will trust in your strength till my race is run. Cause I see your glory, and it’s brighter than the sun.