Opposition and Joy
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This song beautifully captures the twin themes of opposition and joy running through the life of Paul. Written and sung by Ali McLachlan, all instruments by me.
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April 05, 2006
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Ali McLachlan © Mark Heath, Ali McLachlan
Story behind the song
Vocals - Ali McLachlan Instruments - Mark Heath
They say that I’ve turned traitor. They said I’d be dead within a year. They said I’d never succeed in my quest, And they tried to intimidate me with fear. We proclaim him, Christ crucified. We proclaim him, Christ given for sin. We proclaim him, Christ risen in glory. Peace with the Father found only in him. It’s true that I’ve been beaten, And worked till my strength is all gone. But I realise now as I sit in these chains, They can take a man down but the gospel goes on. We’re pressured, but we are not crushed. Persecuted, but never alone. We’re frustrated, but never despairing. We’re jars of clay for Christ’s treasure to show. This gospel’s bearing fruit in all the earth. This gospel’s turned the world upside down. Empires fall, their rulers shaken; The earth is rocked to its foundation; Cause this mighty Christ has taken our sins away. They’ve resisted my gospel all over. They’ve dogged my every step. They’ve tried to ruin the work of God, And they come to me like a thorn in the flesh. They’ve shouted me down in the courtyards. They’ve stoned me and left me for dead. They’ve tried to poison the comforts I’ve had And they’ve criticised all that I ever said He’s returning, the conquering King. He’s returning to redeem all he made. When Christ leads his triumphal procession, I’m overjoyed I’ll be in the parade.