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Keep Your Lovin To Yourself
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December 21, 2007
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Lisa Jean Leonard/Eddie Gregg
I love you baby but keep your lovin to yourself You give good lovin baby, take it somewhere else I know I'll be alright without you everynight You put me down baby, now I'm goin on my way You're out hangin round, all you wanna do is play I know I'll be just fine and you were never really mine There used to be a time, When I couldn't go a second without you Once upon a time, I thought I had a love so true Well love has come and gone And I knew it wouldn't be long Before you put me down, cut me down, Everything but love me down We can't go on this way Wakin up and breakin up And then we go and make it up Each and everyday Keep your lovin baby, keep your lovin to yourself Said you can keep your lovin, take it somewhere else I don't want you no more, I'm gonna find somebody else Guitar/Piano You know I really love you You know I really care Seems like this love ain't goin nowhere Out of sight, out of mind All you're doin is just wastin my time baby Keep your lovin honey, keep your lovin to yourself It feels so good baby, like nobody else I don't want you no more I'm gonna find somebody else