Somberdawn Helix
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June 25, 2005
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Arpad Takacs/Aleksandar Crnobrnja © Anguish Sublime
Somberdawn Helix (Music: D.K. 2003 Lyrics: R.P.W. 2004) Behold the seething nightskies' glazed ornaments alight When the aurean reflections descend into recess From the cobwebony forest fog, neon-eyed shadows transpire To inhale the scent of eclipse at the climax of the solar absence I cast myself into serenity Imbued with such profanity Which the reign of the chaosborn matter holds Blessed with cold nocturnal bliss I let the colors of midnight unfold Harsh pestiferous winds sing glorious rhymes Like a death-written poetry that through the blackness resounds To subdue the baleful torture our quailing spirits bare I shred the horizons force-clad in sacred vestments We shall devour the wretched children of Megiddo Who shackled our souls with outrageous chains And kept us constrained Powered by profanity of dark limbonic sublimity I feed from the very source of their demise From somberness grown predominant The principal substance is on the rise Tremble sanctimonious servants of the fallacious And bow to the dominion christless enthroned! So I rend the sacred veil of time And call the ancient aeons: "Awake!" Long lost and forgotten ages rise again from the primordial spawn May the substantial shadowrealm accede to a throne! Unfurl thyself sunless dawn Like a fiery helix of thorns! Beneath the seething nightskies' magnificence abstract Through the harmony and order of chaos I increase their bane As the obscure refulgence of Nihil embraces their hearts To never let their hourglass be inverted again ... never again