His Last Thought
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Upbeat, fast, funky, Dave Matthews style riffs. Roger Japt-Jong:Lead Guitar.
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June 04, 2005
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Alex Wolfe Parnes © 1999
Story behind the song
On his deathbed, he revealed to her that she has always been the last thought of his days, and his nights, and now he wishes her to be the last thought of his life!
His Last Thought ©1999 Alex Wolfe Parnes/Canis Lupus Productions Verse 1 She say I can never believe what you say when you tell me such things in your own special way He says to you I could never really lie While he tries to conceal a tear drop in his eye She smiles and quickly turns away To a far off place where he can’t touch her…can’t reach her He stay stands there like a fool, frustrated yet there nothing he can do Chorus She’s reserved for the last thought of his day, and of the night, and of his life He dreams that on the last day of his life, he’ll wake up and open his eyes She’ll be there on the pillow and he can finally drift away Verse 2 He sits in his office all day, thinks of the last time that he actually saw her face She has work of her own, does she think of him, well he’ll never never know He cries, when thinks about the time when they kissed and touched and laughed together She talks when he calls he on the phone but he’s burning inside wishing they could be together all alone Bridge If it’s true love then why are they pulled apart by ropes that bind them and pull them in different directions? If they were meant to be together why are separated by a wall of glass; the only thing they see is each other’s reflections?