I Waited
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He waited for her...but she never came
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June 04, 2005
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Alex Wolfe Parnes © 1995
Story behind the song
HE waited for her, He truly loved her, and poured everything he had into being with her...but she never came to him...and his heart was broken.
I waited ©, 1995 Alex Wolfe Parnes/Canis Lupus Productions Verse 1 I poured out my soul in the palms of your hands, my love was so true And I contemplated your fingers as I watched it leak through I drank from what I thought was the well of your passion…so intoxicating My naiveté aside I swore I felt my passion reciprocated Chorus 1 But you never did come I’d wait for the Sun to rise Verse 2 For the first time in my life I felt things only poets romanticized I decided right there I would wait for you until the end of all time I saw everything that exists in the universe in your eyes Together we both could provide all our needs in our life I’d chase down the most distant quasar and wrap it up for you I’d stop time and space at he edge of eternity if you’d only follow me through Chorus 2 But you never did come I’d wait for the Sun to rise I stood out there alone But you never did show Bridge I let go of your hand and I just kept on walking I didn’t look back I can still hear you talking I’ll never deny you were my truest love ever But our dreams just kept on diverging forever I’d dream those dreams of you and me everyday Then I’d open my eyes, turn around, and walk away Chorus 2