Acting (Singing them love songs)
jazz / pop /waltz - Copyright Cherie Flynn 2001
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June 01, 2005
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Cherie Flynn © Cherie Flynn 2001
Story behind the song
I wrote this about singing love songs in a restaurant each week to couples, while I was single at the time.
Candle light flickers. In the flame faces shiver. Ghost of my past, ghosts of imagined futures. Gazing at the flame, making me think, intoxicating, trancing, playing tricks on my brain. PRE-CHORUS Guess I'm a dreamer. It normally saves the day, but sometimes my mind can be very unkind. Yes I'm a dreamer, but I try to forget what I cannot get, but each time I see them for a while the haze is gone. For a short time I'm sad 'til the mist comes my way again. CHORUS Singing them love songs, same time each week watching them dancing and watching them eat. Seeing them laughing and watching them smile and gazing lovingly into each other's eyes. That's when I remember what I try to forget. Images of boyfriends pop into my head. VERSE 2 I sing of tender kisses, romantic nights and walking in the moonlight, friendly faces, sexy eyes and passionate embraces but I'm acting out a part - tonight I'll be alone in the dark.... Don't want to be alone in the dark.