Living Fast
Two bad girls lost on exstacy
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October 03, 2006
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David Medlicott © Medlicott Songs 2003
Story behind the song
Nothings more sad than seeing a beautiful young lady barfing her guts out on the sidewalk outside of a rave party, this is a song about how dumb and reckless we all can get and did get when we were young a stupid, and yes even Old and stupid!
Jane say's -- "Mom I'm at Jodies house" -- Jodie says -- "Mom I'm at Janes" they got this game figured out until the light of day Jodie says "I scored some green, stole it from my Brothers Jeans" " I got the stuff" Jane proclaimed" we'll drink it up and hit that rave" Living Fast -- Die'n Young what ya-gona- do when fate comes for you no goodbyes to your loved ones, your mama's gona cry when they lower your coffin in that lawn Livin Fast -- Die'n Young --- that's what I said Livin Fast --- Die'n Young They danced until twelve at an 18 bar, they laughed and laughed all night long "It's such a trip" Jane said as Jody fell to the lawn "Are you Alright" -- asked Jane, -- Jody had no reply "answer Please-- Jody Please", Jane screams out in the night Living Fast --die'n Young what ya -gona-do when fate comes for you No goodyes to your loved ones, your mama's gona cry when they lower your coffin in that lawn Livin' fast -- Dien young -- that's what I said Livin' fast -- dien young Yurning for independance, a bad reason to decept, they went against what they knew was right, jane won't see her friend again no not in this life Livin' Fast Die'n Young