That Ain't In My DNA
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September 21, 2014
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THAT AIN’T IN MY DNA You want me to be the kind that lives to party… Takes a Limousine to the office every day The kind that’ll be vice-pres’ dent of your Daddy’s company Well, Baby, that ain’t in my DNA. CHORUS: I’m country born and country bred and that’s how I aim to stay, Though you’ve been tryin’ to school me, to your high-fa lootin way. This country boy ain’t never put on airs and I ain’t gonna start today.. Baby, that ain’t in my DNA. I ain’t gonna hang out in places, I don’t want to be With your fickle friends and deceptive games they play. Well this kind of life your livin’ just ain’t gonna work for me ‘Cause Baby, that ain’t in my DNA.