More Like Jesus Would I Be
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Copyright 2003 Carl Fritsche Public domain verse lyrics by Fannie Crosby, original chorus lyrics
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October 12, 2005
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Carl Fritsche © Carl Fritsche 1999/pub domain lyric Fanny Crosby
More like Jesus would I be, Let my Savior dwell with me; Fill my soul with peace and love; Make me gentle as a dove; More like Jesus, while I go, Pilgrim in this world below; Poor in spirit would I be; Let my Savior dwell in me. If He hears the ravens cry, If His ever watchful eye Marks the sparrows when they fall, Surely He will hear my call: He will teach me how to live; All my sinful thoughts forgive; Pure in heart I still would be; Let my Savior dwell in me. Holding fast to my savior's side By His grace, there I shall abide With His love, precious, strong, and true Through my own life shining through More like Jesus when I pray, More like Jesus day by day, May I rest me by His side, Where the tranquil waters glide. Born of Him through grace renewed, By His love my will subdued, Rich in faith I still would be; Let my Savior dwell in me. More like Jesus would I be