Under the Raincoat
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The beautiful ballad, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", from the Wizard of Oz is completely ruined by this idiot, Cormier. His silly story about a disgusting L.A. flasher is utter trash!
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June 04, 2010
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Rick Cormier
Story behind the song
This is a parody of the beautiful song from the Wizard of Oz, "Over the Rainbow".
Bum, bare under the raincoat Think he’s high Stands there, next to the lamp post Flashes the passersby Bum, bare under the raincoat Mangy dog Grinning wide in the vain hope He’ll soon have you agog Today on Sunset Boulevard He failed to see the unmarked car Behind him He opened wide and let it flop Now, downtown with the L.A. cops Is where you’ll find him Bum, bare under the raincoat Home, he’s sent Cops said they couldn’t hold him Too little evidence Our un-hung zero See no Speedos Home free, he goes (Desk Sergeant): Guy, go buy pants. Bye.