You Ain't Screamed Nelson Yet
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This is a parody of BTO's "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet". In my version, a poor guy with a nervous stutter has a girlfriend who, during sex, screams out names but, none of them are his.
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April 28, 2010
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Rick Cormier
I met a lovely wo-woman It's good to be her m-man But the thought keeps comin' to me That she don't know who I am Last week, I gave her good love She said "Oh yea, do me Brett, ooh ooh ooh!" And then I looked right into her big brown eyes and said, "You Ain't Screamed Nelson Yet!" "B-b-baby you know You Ain't Screamed Na-Na-Nelson Yet!" "I'm Nelson, I'm Na-elson but you just called me Brett You know you know you ain't screamed Nelson yet!" I have a nervous sstutter And I don't have a cure But, if my name, she'd uh-utter It'd be a help for sure Last night I gave her good love She said, "OOH, YEAH! THAT'S IT, CHET!" I thought, "Who the hell is Chet?" And then I looked right into Her big brown eyes, and said, "You ain't sscreamed, "Nelson!" yet. B-, b-, b-, baby, you know you ain't screamed, "Na-, Na-, Nelson!" yet. I'm Nelson, I'm Na-, Nelson But I guess you just fo-forget You know, you know, you know You still ain't sss-creamed, "Nelson!" yet." (Brief musical interlude) This morning during our lovin' She said, "MORE, OH YES, YVETTE!" (Hmm, this just might work out yet!) And then I looked right into those big brown eyes And said, "You ain't sscreamed, "Nelson!" yet." "B-, b-, b-baby, you know you ain't screamed Na-, Nelson yet!" "I'm Nelson, I'm N-n-nelson I'm Nelson And I'd like to meet Y-, Y-, Yvette." You know, you know You ain't screamed Na-, Na-, Nelson yet" "You ain't screamed Nelson yet" Sounds like you b-been around "First you called me Brett, and then you called me Chet" "You know, you know, you know" "No you ain't screamed, "Na-, Nelson!" yet"