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March 28, 2005
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Used to watch the Weather Channel ‘cos it’s the only channel that doesn’t show reruns all summer. Turn on the Weather Channel, lookin’ for… the weather. Instead, I get an episode of “Storm Stories.” Also known as “Reruns of the weather.” “Today’s weather is boring. But we’ve got some good tapes. Whoo! Death. Suffering. Devastation. Relive the magic.” I always wondered what happened to all those kids who ate lead paint. They’re field reporters for the Weather Channel. “Hi, I’m in the hurricane. It’s windy. You can tell ‘cos all the wind. Everyone else evacuated. I’m very lonely. Why didn’t you love me, mom? Back to the studio.” Hurricanes are Mother Nature sending a clue to get the hell out of Florida. They're 49th in education. Maybe everyone who could read a weather map moved away. We should replace the H’s and L’s with frowny faces and pictures of Satan.