Sean Connery
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March 28, 2005
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Want women to find you attractive, associate yourself with things they find attractive. Act like a celebrity. Speak in an exotic language. Which is why I speak Spanish with a SEAN CONNERY ACCENT. I am the LATIN LOVER James Bond 007. "Hola. Me llamo Bond. Jaime Bond. Mi numero. DOBLE-OH-SIETE. Senora Moneypenny, donde esta la casa de DOCTOR NO?" Too bad the only thing I know in Spanish is a joke about masturbating on airplanes. Si vuela en un aeroplano, traiga javón. Porque el bano solo tiene esterilizar de los manos. Disgusto. Como supone masturbate? (sniff) Se QUEMA. Y despues de masturbate, como supone LIMPIAR? Ah, nada aqui, excepto...Mas ESTERILIZAR DE LOS MANOS. Es una raza con el DIABLO (horns). Thank you, my token Sean Connery impression, every comic has one, there's mine.