You're A 'Know It All'
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One way or another, we all know one or two people like this or don't we? An arrogant, ignorant, self centered, selfish, manipulative, pompous individual?
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November 29, 2008
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Vitor Talhadas / Ricardo Talhadas © SPA Portugal
Story behind the song
Inspired on people who outshine in this department!
You´re A “Know It All” Letra: Vitor Talhadas Musica: Vitor Talhadas/Ricardo Talhadas Verse 1 Who can ever change you? It’s like talking to a wall Like walking on a razor’s edge Avoiding not to fall To question your beliefs When you claim to know what’s right Contradiction finds itself A home to live with pride Verse 2 When bitterness resides With stubbornness inside And jealousy consumes you You find it hard to hide You disrespect all others Who dare to challenge you Unless they give you something Or share your point of view Chorus You’re a “Know it all!” With a narrow minded point of view You’re a “Know it all!” When you boast about the things you do You’re a “Know it all!” When the lies you tell are all but new Yes I’ve seen it all, we all “Know it all” Verse3 You feed on insecurities Naivety your friend “Let’s mould them to your liking Or dispose of them instead” I’ve learnt to mute my senses Compassion in my heart Agreed to disagree I’ve learnt to play the part Repeat Chorus Bridge Walk along your lonely path Believing in your own lies Repeat Chorus